About Us

International Sports & Orthopaedic Manual Therapy

Education is not only the learning of facts but training the mind to think. In pursuit of improving lives through healthcare education and innovation, we at ISOMT bring together powerful education and innovative technology for therapists and clinicians. Our intelligently designed learning modules help them to raise the quality of healthcare services to provide the best care services and solutions to their patients. When you choose ISOMT, you will get more than just enrolling yourself in a course —you will have a partner that listens, a technology that excels, and people you can trust.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create intuitive and advanced technology solutions that help clinicians and healthcare providers to focus on the two most important things: their practice and patients.

Our Vision

We strongly believe that education is the most powerful way to improve our lives. To offer the best and high-quality education, we introduce innovative technology and high-end software solutions to the clinicians to raise the quality of healthcare services globally.

Our Values

A unique set of values helps us to achieve our goals and pursue our ambitious future. Our core values are:

  • Passionate - We are passionate about offering the best healthcare education and improving patient care with our superb products.
  • Imaginative - We offer the best services at less cost. We believe in offering continuous and iterating services to the clinicians for their long-term success.
  • Teamwork - We always welcome suggestions and feedback from our clinicians, patients, and colleagues, as we believe that working together always leads to success.
  • Quality Services - We always set our standards high because we know that high-quality healthcare services directly impact the lives of the patients.

Empowering Clinicians with Advanced Healthcare Solutions

We believe that practices come in different patterns and shapes and they require advanced technologies to respond to different needs of the patients. To fulfill the requirement, we strive to create the user-friendly and most adaptable suite of solutions that you can easily adapt according to your workflow. Our thoughtfully designed strategies allow us to launch education modules that are derived from innovative collaboration and backed by industry experts.

Services we offer


Highest Quality Education

ISOMT is a nation-wide trusted resource and the leading producer of advanced, broad-based, and eclectic curriculum. It opens an opportunity for medical graduates to enroll themselves in advanced orthopedic manual therapy techniques combined with advanced learning skills. ISOMT, in partnership with the industry-leading instructors from all over the world, delivers high-quality education to the doctors and therapists on the basis of thoughtfully designed learning modules, optimized for advanced learning.


Evidence-based Learning Solutions

A one-stop solution to get the best outcomes.

With our library of 1000+ evidence-based accredited courses on varied topics & specialties and software solutions, We at ISOMT offers a seamless system that addresses every need of our professionals and their patients.


Customer-Centric Approach

ISOMT extremely cares about the needs and requirements of its clients and their patients.

By collaborating with the world’s renowned healthcare organizations and providers, ISOMT offers the most impactful client solutions.