Terms & Conditions

1. The Terms

1.1 Introduction & Acceptance

International Sports and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (ISOMT) or ISOMT is the owner and operator of the ISOMT websites: www.theisomt.com. ISOMT is an ISOMT foundation registered under section 8, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. The Terms of Use (Agreement) provided by ISOMT, gives you complete access to and use of the ISOMT website. Access to and use of the ISOMT website automatically subject to your acceptance of this agreement. You agree to accept and follow all the terms and conditions of this agreement if you are accessing or using any of the facilities of the website.

Please read the below-mentioned terms and conditions of the agreement carefully keeping in mind that this Agreement must be read in coexistence with ISOMT’s Privacy Policy.

1.2 Right to Modify Terms

ISOMT reserves all the right to modify the terms of this Agreement any time at its sole discretion, and will always post a notice to declare such changes. If and when the Agreement is modified, you will automatically become liable to follow the updated terms and conditions of the modified Agreement. By accessing ISOMT Website, you automatically agree to the terms of the modified agreement.

1.3 Definitions of Terms

  1. “ISOMT Website” means the ISOMT Website will be accessible only through the URL www.theisomt.com among other websites owned and operated by ISOMT.
  2. ISOMT means “International Sports and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy”
  3. “Party” means either ISOMT or You.
  4. The word “Parties” in the agreement means ISOMT and the user, collectively.
  5. “User Profile” means a profile logged in by You on the ISOMT Website.
  6. “You,” “User”, and/or “Your,” means any individual or an entity visiting or accessing the ISOMT Website for any reason; said terms may be interchangeable accordingly.
  7. “Content” in the agreement means all the data, information, text, music, software, sound, graphics, photographs, messages, videos, tags, or any other materials posted or displayed on the ISOMT Website.
  8. “Personal Information” means any information that describes or identifies an individual, including his or her full name, physical description, professional information, licensing information, gender, age, residential address, residential contact number, or education qualification. Personal information also includes any statement made by a user.
  9. “Licensor/Licensors” means the individuals who have licensed their online lecture content exclusively to ISOMT.

2. The Website

2.1 Content Ownership

ISOMT is the owner of all the content posted on the ISOMT Website including logos, text, designs, pictures, graphics, and information. Unless we grant permission in writing, you will have the license for only a limited period defined by ISOMT to view the content for your education or any other non-commercial purpose. Copying, reproducing, retransmission, or republication of any content, listed on the ISOMT Website is strictly prohibited, unless ISOMT allowed with a written consent to retransmit, reproduce, or republish the content. ISOMT reserves all the rights in regard to the content.

ISOMT only has the right to publish or transmit via the ISOMT website any content that is owned by third parties. The Licensors of ISOMT are the owners of their respective property or data found on the ISOMT Website. Any reproduction, republication, or retransmission of any third party or licensed party content found on the ISOMT Website is also prohibited unless the licensed owner of the content has granted the permission in written prior to reproduction, retransmission or republish the material.

2.2 Trademarks

Some parts of the ISOMT website are customized such as trademarks and logos that can be used by authorized enterprises and customers for custom branding. If you choose to use such customization, you automatically agree to the ISOMT revocable rights to use and distribute some replacement buttons, logos, characters, or designs (trademarks). Moreover, you also have to agree to provide the required format of trademarks as mentioned by ISOMT for any kind of print or online promotion. ISOMT agrees to use the trademarks exclusively in coexistence with the permitted forms of use under this Agreement. Using the trademarks does not give ISOMT any right, title, or interest in the trademarks, other than the license rights.

2.3 Copyright Complaints

If you somewhere feel that any content on the ISOMT Website is similar to the data which you own or control, You or Your designer, acting as a “Complaining Party,” can anytime send the notification of infringement to claim that the data or content is copied. You can raise your query directly to our legal team legal@theisomt.com. Please note, while raising an issue, you need to include a content i.e. any image or description of the work that is allegedly being infringed, and the URL link where on the ISOMT Website the work may be found.

2.4 Content Availability

2.4.1 Individual Course or Program: After enrolling yourself in any course or program, you will be eligible to access the course for (1) one year, or a limited period as defined by ISOMT from the date of enrollment. After one year or a limited period, you would not be able to access the Course as the time period will end. If you again want to access the course, you will have to repurchase it by paying the set amount.

2.4.2 Subscription: After purchasing a subscription of any course or program, you will have access to the Content for a limited period or one (1) year defined by ISOMT, from the date of purchase. After one year or a limited period of time, you would not be able to access the Course as the time period of the subscription will end. If you want to renew your subscription, you will have to repurchase it by paying the set amount.

2.5 Termination

ISOMT has all the rights reserved to block, terminate, or restrict the access of any user to access the ISOMT Website, in case of any fraudulent activity observed, misinformation, or violation of any term(s) of this Agreement.

Also note that in case of any misinformation or wrong details, ISOMT study the case first and if ISOMT finds it fraudulent or wrong, we will cancel the membership with a prior notice period of 7 days.

2.6 Equipment

The users have to arrange their own computer hardware systems and software, required to access the ISOMT Website.

2.7 Internet Speed

ISOMT website is recommended to access with LAN on a T1 or Broadband Internet to take full advantage of the high-dimensional and high-quality video and multimedia that the ISOMT courses offer.

3. User Accounts

3.1 User Responsibility

The ISOMT Website has an option of “Sign Up” that allows a user to create their Profile. A user is wholly and solely responsible for user content posted, displayed, or made available on his/her profile. You, as a user, are completely responsible for ensuring that you are using the ISOMT Website keeping in mind all the laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction.

3.2 Accounts and Passwords

When accessing or using the ISOMT website, you have to acknowledge that you are fulfilling all the eligibility criteria and fall under legal age criteria to form a contract and are not an individual who is blocked from receiving the services as stated in the laws or other jurisdiction. You acknowledge that the complete information you are providing on the ISOMT website is completely true to the best of your knowledge. If you provide any information that is inaccurate or incomplete, or if ISOMT suspects that the information provided is inaccurate, ISOMT has the rights reserved to terminate or suspend your access to the website and to take back the authorities of accessing or signing in to the courses or any portion of the website thereof.

You are required to keep and maintain your password details safely with you to access the ISOMT Website. You are not allowed to provide your User Name and Password or other authorized information to anyone else to access your course or any other program. If ISOMT finds any such activity of Password sharing, we have the authority to reserve the rights of the user to terminate or block your access to the Website. You are solely responsible for all use of your password(s).

3.3 Linking to ISOMT

  1. ISOMT invites and allows the users to link appropriate content, video, or graphics to our website. Linking to ISOMT must not improperly imply any association with or acceptance by ISOMT or any interference with the operation of the ISOMT Website. Any link which is linked to any page or content of the ISOMT website will open in a new browser window.
  2. You are not allowed to place a screenshot or any page of the ISOMT Website in a “frame” within your own website unless you have written permission from ISOMT.
  3. Although the ISOMT Website allows the users to include links of their website on the ISOMT website providing access to other Internet sites, ISOMT doesn’t take any responsibility for the data, information or content available on the linked sites. ISOMT doesn’t provide any warranties and disclaims any liability for any type of content or information provided on other sites.

4. Limitation of Liability

ISOMT, It's online courses, hands on training are for educational purpose only. ISOMT, its speakers, staff, owner will not be responsible for any damage to participants, their relatives or their patients in any case. ISOMT, its officers, members, affiliates, licensors, agents or employees will never be liable to you or to any other party for any direct, indirect, or consequential kind of damage including damaged or lost data, lost revenue, or other loss, whether related to the contract, due to negligence, or any other liability. Furthermore, the limitation will be applied only when ISOMT or any of the representatives have a clear idea of such damage. ISOMT’s total liability, in any such case, is limited only to the amount and you release ISOMT and its representatives from all sorts of liabilities, obligations, and claims.

5. Billing

5.1 Payment Method

Whenever you buy a subscription or enroll yourself in any course, Labs, Webinars, or any CEUs, you agree that ISOMT is allowed to charge you a membership fee during the commitment period as specified as mentioned in the course fees along with the other charges that may be levied in accordance with the use of the service. Also, note that all courses are not available to the subscribers.

Whenever you buy any particular CEU, you agree that ISOMT is allowed to charge the fees of that individual course during the commitment period as specified or mentioned in the course fees structure along with the other charges that may occur in connection with the use of the service. A valid card is required whenever you will subscribe to any service or to buy an individual course. ISOMT bills you through a secure account for use of any service. Your billing information will not be stored anywhere on the ISOMT servers. For your security and protection, one of our secure payment gateway partners will store the complete information of your billing.

5.2 Payment Amounts

5.2.1 Individual Course Fees: Every course which is offered by ISOMT on the website is individually priced. You have to refer to the course descriptions to know in detail about the course fees.

5.2.2 Subscription Fees: To know the subscription prices, you need to refer to the Subscriptions page. ISOMT ensures that your subscription will be continued until you cancel the same from your end. ISOMT automatically creates the bill of your payment for each annual year on the calendar day corresponding to the date of the initiation of your subscription. However, if you would like to change your payment method, please note that this would result in changing the calendar day depending upon the date on which you are billed.

ISOMT also offers a Trial Period to its users with a Free Subscription. Create a user account and click on the free subscription trial offer and ISOMT’s will activate your account for a specific time period in accordance with ISOMT’s Privacy Policy. ISOMT reserves all the rights to withdraw or change the benefits of the trial period at any time without any advance notice and with no liability. When the time period of the Free Subscription Trial Period is about to expire, you will get a notification to make payment of the applicable subscription fee for the upcoming year if you want to continue your subscription. ISOMT will never force you to purchase a subscription at the end of the Trial Period as it is completely your choice but you can use the Free Subscription Offer only once.

5.3 Fee Changes

ISOMT reserves all the rights to modify the fees and charges or add new charges and fees from time to time, but ISOMT will inform you with advance notice of the said changes via email. Moreover, if you like to change your Payment Method, or if you want to update your Payment Method details, such as the validity or expiry date of your credit card, visit the ISOMT Website and click on the My Profile link to make the required changes.

5.4 Tax Responsibility

All the course fees and payments that are stated in the agreement are exclusive of all taxes, and duties, however, the user shall be responsible and have to bear all the Taxes associated with its purchase of any course or program for accessing or using the ISOMT website.

6. ISOMT's Course Credit Policy

6.1 Subscription Sales

You can earn a membership service only after paying fees for membership. However, payments of the membership fees are nonrefundable and there are no refunds for partially used periods.

6.2 Individual Course Sales

ISOMT is committed to offering the best quality education to the users. Due to some specific circumstances when ISOMT is unable to provide the learning assessments or course material to you for a period of time, You can elect to choose one (1) of the following:
1. Extend your Course time with respect to the time for which the Course was not available.
2. Apply for a replacement course of equal value at no extra cost.

7. Cancellation

An individual is allowed to cancel his/her subscription from ISOMT at any point in time. IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE CHARGES FOR THE UPCOMING MONTH OR YEAR, YOU NEED TO RAISE A CANCELLATION REQUEST WITHIN THE NEXT 10 DAYS FROM THE DATE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IS EXPIRED. If you are terminating your subscription, your running subscription will remain active until your current subscription period ends. PLEASE NOTE, YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AMOUNT WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IF YOU FAIL TO RAISE THE REQUEST IN THE ALLOTED TIME PERIOD I.E. WITH 10 DAYS.

8. Indemnification

The user shall agree to reimburse or compensate ISOMT and its representatives for any kind of losses resulting from claims related to your use, or any person using your password, of the ISOMT Website. You also have to agree to compensate ISOMT and its representatives for any losses resulting from claims of third parties, including attorneys’ fees, which will be raised for violations of any rule or any of the terms of this Agreement by you, or any other person who is accessing your account or password.

9. Disputes

The agreement stated here will be governed by the State laws. In the event, any legal action arises out of this Agreement, both the Parties must agree to listen to a single arbitrator qualified by the National Arbitration Association. Both the parties (You and ISOMT) must agree to repay the arbitration costs, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and all other expenses, along with other relief to which either party may be entitled.

10. Miscellaneous

10.1 Waiver

No waiver by either Party related to any default shall be considered as a waiver of previous or subsequent defaults of the same or other provisions of this Agreement.

10.2 Assignability

The points mentioned in the agreement are personal for the individual who is accessing this website or using the services. He/she may not assign this agreement or the rights to any other party.

10.3 Severability

If any clause, term, or provision mentioned hereof in this agreement is held invalid or impossible to enforce by a court of competent jurisdiction, such invalid term will not affect the operation or validity of any other clause, term, or provision, and such invalid term, clause, or provision shall be considered to be severed from the Agreement.

10.4 Survivability

The intellectual property rights, ownership, and license provisions that are set in this Agreement, or any other provisions that by their sense and context the Parties intend to exist, shall sustain the termination of this agreement and any obligations for any reason.