Host Free Virtual Labs/Webinars

  • The service is available to any state-run or private educational or clinical organization for educating the students and staff regarding the current evidence-based practices.
  • The topic of the webinar/lab will be under ISOMT's discretion.
  • The free lab's or webinar’s date and time will be only one-time service or as per ISOMT's discretion.
  • The service may be available both online/offline but will be under ISOMT's discretion.
  • ISOMT is open to voluntary Professional Partnerships with Educational institutions under good faith, involving professional development of students or employees. The terms and conditions of this partnership will be under ISOMT's discretion and mutual agreement.
  • ISOMT will appreciate if the educational institution or organization provides a written document, certificate, or a memento to our speakers and faculty for conducting this Program.