Free Live Lecture- Constipation: Management for the Physical Therapist- Dr Kelli Wilson


Title: Constipation: Management for the Physical Therapist
Constipation is prevalent in approximately 22% of the adult population and understanding strategies to assist your patient population can be extremely effective for total body management. Dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract can have confounding influence on outcomes for patients with low back, abdominal and pelvic pain. This one hour lecture will provide several strategies that can be used to improve gastrointestinal mobility and relieve constipation and provide a discerning eye in how this can assist with other common orthopedic diagnoses. Please attend this webinar with Dr. Kelli Wilson PT, DPT to expand your clinical practice.

I. Introduction

  • Brief overview of the prevalence and impact of constipation on the population
  • Importance of addressing constipation as part of a comprehensive approach to patient care

II. Anatomy and Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract

  • Overview of the major organs and structures involved in digestion and elimination

III. Causes of Constipation

  • Discussion of the various factors that can contribute to constipation, including diet, hydration, medications, lifestyle factors, and underlying medical conditions
  • Overview of the role of the pelvic floor in defecation and its potential impact on constipation

IV. Orthopedic Approaches to Improve Gastrointestinal Mobility

  • Discussion of how posture and movement can impact gastrointestinal function
  • Overview of specific exercises and stretches that can promote mobility in the lower back, hips, and pelvic region
  • Discussion of the role of manual therapy techniques, such as myofascial release and soft tissue mobilization, in improving gastrointestinal mobility

VII. Conclusion


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