Career counselling

Career counselling

ISOMT's goal is to provide career guidance and education to the prospective students and members to guide applying to baccalaureate, graduate, and doctoral programs in various universities around the world. The initiative also includes providing information about the credentialing processes, changing immigration policies, and preparing multiple PT Board exams to receive registered PT status. 

How ISOMT can help ? 


- help them decide and choose a career after their Graduation, 

- help them streamline to choose a Specialisation and University / College after their Graduation, 

- what college, universities, programs to select in countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Malaysia, Nigeria and many more. 

- what Post-graduation programs, tenure, tuition and international requirements including all immigration help for students. 

- use your and your family hard earned money wisely in a career specific guidance.

grow yourself professionally and financially and help to improve your and your family life with ISOMT. 

For Professionals / Clinicians

- bringing more patients and business to your practice

- continuing education credits - economical for your Registration / License Renewal

- honing and advanicng your skills in Orthopaedic & Sports Specializations through our courses, lectures, and Certificate Programs.

- helping to set up a clinic in your local area, guidance and deciding its market dynamics.

- grow yourself professionally and financially and help to improve your and your family life with ISOMT. 

ISOMT Members - Can ask their questions from our industry experts and counselors on ISOMT email -,

One on one counseling session is also available for 30 minutes separately for each Member- Minimal Fees applicable for one on one counseling. Please ask.

ISOMT Members- can also ask the career guidance queries, but have to be members to receive proper answers from our experts.

Are you looking for professional and financial growth?


ISOMT Members - will be given discounts in all the courses & programs.

Non ISOMT Members - can access the course & programs for minimal price.