ISOMT- Muscle Energy Techniques and Neurodynamic Techniques for full body segments- Regional Interdependence

Course Overview

Course Description 
Day- 1
Discussion of Muscle energy techniques of various body segments. 
The class will start with the basic definition of the system and various somatic dysfunction that causes the system to fail. 
Further discussing the goals and indications of METs, their evidence, and dosage.
Moreover, he will demonstrate every technique on the cervical, thoracic, ribs, shoulder, elbow, and lumbar spine, including the pelvic girdle. 
Day- 2
Dr. Parijat Kumar will present his part on Neuro-dynamic techniques on the second day of the course. 
He will discuss the definition and physiology of neural tension. 
Further add to the evidence-based guidelines for various neurodynamic tests and stages of nerve tension. 
The speaker will demonstrate and discuss various assessment and treatment techniques and their effects. 
In the end, US Expert will discuss case studies for everybody to apply for the course in practical application.
Complete Course materials, and course video recordings for lifetime access, certificate by US experts and live interaction to get all your queries solved will be available.
So come, register, we hope to see you there.

Chapters & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 – Evidence Supporting Muscle Energy Technique
: 0:12:07 Hour

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Muscle Energy Techniques
: 0:18:19 Hour

Chapter 3 - Q&A (Regional Interdependence)
: 0:38:04 Hour

Chapter 4 - MET for Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine and Ribs (Demonstration & Practice)
: 0:24:35 Hour

Chapter 5 - MET for Shoulder Girdle (Demonstration & Practice)
: 0:11:41 Hour

Chapter 6 - MET for Lumbar Spine (Demonstration & Practice)
: 0:27:08 Hour

Chapter 7 - MET for Pelvic Girdle (Demonstration & Practice)
: 0:39:22 Hour

Chapter 8 - Introduction to neurodynamics techniques
: 0:13:19 Hour

Chapter 9 - Radicular pain vs. radiculopathy
: 0:17:55 Hour

Chapter 10 - What is neural tension
: 0:03:33 Hour

Chapter 11 - History of neurodynamics
: 0:08:37 Hour

Chapter 12 - Effects of joint motion on the nerve
: 0:12:09 Hour

Chapter 13 - Types of mechanical alteration
: 0:06:15 Hour

Chapter 14 - Examination of the nervous system
: 0:16:40 Hour

Chapter 15 - Effects of neurodynamic mobilization on peripheral nerve regeneration
: 0:13:59 Hour

Chapter 16 - Neurodynamic techniques (Demonstration & Practice)
: 1:05:31 Hour

Chapter 17 - Muscle energy techniques (Demonstration & Practice)
: 0:20:45 Hour

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Parijat Kumar
(Co-Founder of ISOMT)
Certified Spine & Sports Specialist