ISOMT - Complex Pelvis and Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Course Overview

Course Description 


Learn to fix your complex Low back pain patients - Sciatica, disc bulge, listhesis in just 1-3 sessions. 


In this course, Dr. Parijat Kumar & Dr. Kelli Wilson will be discussing an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to pelvis and sacroiliac joint assessment and treatment. 


They present their views about the problematic low back pain patients, which this evidence-based approach and regional interdependence can fix. 


The course begins with a focus on the Anatomy and biomechanics of the Pelvis and sacroiliac joints. 


Learners and participants will be able to recommend proper evidence-based examination and treatment procedures, including coupling motions, neurological screening, segmental mobility testing, identifying the dysfunctions, and treatment techniques. 


PK & Kelli will describe pelvis and sacroiliac mobilization, manipulations, neurodynamic, and muscle energy techniques. 


It will include both open chains and closed exercise prescriptions. The course will conclude with a confirmed case studies discussion from PK's &

Kelli's own clinical experience with a detailed interactive session. 


Participants will get complete course materials, full-course video recordings, US experts' signed Certificates, and live interaction. 


So, come and join. We hope to see you there.

Chapters & Learning Objectives

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Course Objectives.
: 0:10:22 Hour

Chapter 2 - A comprehensive and efficient way of assessing and managing to restore normal mobility and stability
: 0:18:28 Hour

Chapter 3 - Functional Anatomy of Pelvis- SIJ
: 0:21:52 Hour

Chapter 4 - Regional Interdependence or Neuro kinetic
: 0:26:17 Hour

Chapter 5 - Palpation (Demonstration)
: 0:34:30 Hour

Chapter 6 - Biomechanics of Pelvis- SIJ
: 0:17:08 Hour

Chapter 7 - Medical Screening / Differential Diagnosis
: 0:10:35 Hour

Chapter 8 - Joint Stability
: 0:06:58 Hour

Chapter 9 - Pregnancy-Hormonal related Pelvis- SIJ
: 0:06:00 Hour

Chapter 10 - How to name a torsion
: 0:36:57 Hour

Chapter 11 - Review of Day 1
: 0:33:19 Hour

Chapter 12 - Lumbopelvic Region & Pelvic Floor
: 1:15:58 Hour

Chapter 13 - Types of Torsions
: 0:09:37 Hour

Chapter 14 - Recoil Spring Test
: 0:15:26 Hour

Chapter 15 - Comprehansive Approach For Efficient Diagnosis and Treatment
: 0:03:33 Hour

Chapter 16 - Treatment Sequence
: 0:54:29 Hour

Meet your Instructors

Dr. Parijat Kumar
(Co-Founder of ISOMT)
Certified Spine & Sports Specialist
Dr. Kelli Wilson